March 2015

Attorney Todd Whitford also obtained a favorable verdict in the case of Correa v Campbell and Baker.

Attorney Todd Whitford obtained a favorable verdict in the case of Correa v Campbell and Baker. The case involved the following facts. On February 19, 2011, the plaintiff, Correa, was operating a motor vehicle in an easterly direction on Woodland Street, near its intersection with Albany Avenue, in Hartford, Connecticut. The co-plaintiff, Gamble, was a passenger in the plaintiff’s vehicle. At the same time, the defendant Campbell was operating a motor vehicle owned by Baker, directly behind the plaintiff’s vehicle. A third vehicle driven by Walters was operating a vehicle directly behind the Campbell vehicle. A three car accident ensued.

The issue was whether the Campbell Vehicle collided with the plaintiff’s vehicle first, causing the plaintiffs injuries or, whether the third vehicle collided into the Campbell vehicle first, forcing it into the plaintiff’s car?

The plaintiff maintained that there were two distinct impacts, the first from the Campbell vehicle hitting the plaintiff’s car, followed by a second impact when the Campbell vehicle was forced into the after it got hit by the Walters vehicle.

The defendant maintained that he came to a complete stop prior to any impact and was forced into the plaintiff’s car. Walters, a non-party to the case (as a settled and withdrawn party), admitted that he caused the accident when he hit the Campbell vehicle and forced it into the plaintiff’s car.

The jury returned a Defendants’ Verdict. Not surprisingly, the jury were particularly swayed by the acknowledgement of responsibility by Walters. Further, they did not believe the plaintiff’s claims to two impacts, nor that Campbell had stopped suddenly, causing Walters to hit Campbell.

Todd W. Whitford

Todd W. Whitford