August 28, 2014

Attorney Christopher Harrington Obtains Favorable Defense Result

On August 28, 2014, Attorney Christopher Harrington achieved a successful jury verdict in the matter of Enriquez v The Metropolitan District Commission, et al., which was tried in Hartford Superior Court. Attorney Harrington represented the defendants. The matter involved a rear end collision at an intersection, but at issue was the extent of damages being claimed by the plaintiff.

Ms. Enriquez alleged that she was at a stop for about one or two minutes and then felt the impact from the large MDC dump truck while the light was still red. The plaintiff described the impact as being “very hard” and hard enough to propel her vehicle forward some distance. The defendant claimed that the impact was minor and that, although it was a rear end collision, his vehicle rolled into the plaintiff’s causing a minor impact with minimal property damage.
The plaintiff claimed to have sustained permanent injuries to her neck and back as a result of the collision.

Attorney Harrington successfully demonstrated to the jury the plaintiff had prior injuries to her neck and back and that there were significant issues with the plaintiff’s claim for damages based upon the limited impact as well as several inconsistencies in the evidence presented by the plaintiff. The jury returned a verdict of $5,001 in damages for claims of personal injury in which the plaintiff was seeking $75,000.

Christopher M. Harrington

Christopher M. Harrington