About Us

Effective – and Efficient

The attorneys at Howard, Kohn, Sprague & FitzGerald take great care in providing only the legal resources that each client actually needs, whether that client is a major corporation, small business owner or an individual. The firm’s sensitivity to each client’s legal needs and budgetary considerations is clearly demonstrated by our policy of providing prompt, objective advice regarding the probable legal resources and costs necessary to resolve the matter effectively and quickly.

Simply put, we are a firm that can skillfully handle major cases at considerably lower cost than the larger downtown firms. Why? Because we work hard to minimize overhead – without sacrificing the quality of our work or the scope of our resources. In fact, HKSF boasts state-of-the-art legal research capabilities.

And we maintain an in-house computer network that automates our time management and accounting systems, making it possible to arrange a system of billing that best meets the individual needs of each client.

Looking Ahead

As today’s social and business climates continue to grow in complexity, so does the demand for diverse and dynamic legal representation – the type of representation Howard, Kohn, Sprague & FitzGerald has provided clients for more than 225 years. Today, we stand ready to face the legal challenges of the 21st century by building on our hard-earned reputation as one of the best – and most trusted – litigation firms in the region.

Howard, Kohn, Sprague & FitzGerald: The wisdom to negotiate. The ability to litigate.