A Rich Tradition…


Established in 1786 by Enoch Perkins, one of the best known legal figures of his time, Howard, Kohn, Sprague & FitzGerald has the distinction of being one of the oldest law firms in continuous practice in the United States.

But longevity is only a small part of the HKSF story. Successors to Enoch Perkins have built a rich tradition of providing outstanding legal services to a wide range of clients, with a specialty in litigation that has its roots in the practice of Enoch’s grandson, Charles E. Perkins, one of Connecticut’s best trial lawyers and president of the Hartford County Bar Association for 31 years.

HKSF also enjoys a rich tradition of public service. Over the years, many members of the firm have gone on to serve as judges, Connecticut state senators and representatives, corporation counsel, town attorneys, prosecutors, public defenders, bar association presidents and members of the boards of numerous community and charitable organizations. Today, the firm’s attorneys are carrying out the rich tradition of their predecessors through service to both the legal community and the diverse communities in which they live and work.

Currently in its third century of practice, the firm known since 1961 as Howard, Kohn, Sprague & FitzGerald continues to build on the vision of Enoch and Charles Perkins and the many distinguished attorneys who have made their mark on Hartford’s legal, social, cultural and historical landscape. Simply put, our mission is the same today as it was when Enoch Perkins first hung his shingle at the corner of Capitol Avenue and Main Street in 1786: To provide our clients with legal services of the highest possible quality, with an emphasis on ethics, integrity and efficiency.